Monday, 14 November 2016

Harrow League Week 7- 13-11-2016

Match:  Hanwell U11A- BPR Tigers U11A= 2-4

AWAY: Scorers: Reece J, 2 George H,Dillon D

A great performance by the boys against one of the best team in our group, first half pretty even with a 1-1 scoreline, in the second half we played a lot better but went 2-1 down, one of our player was fouled, but the ref did not stop the match allowing the opposition to play for a period of time with one more player resulting in them scoring a goal. The boys were upset and lost concentration almost conceding another goal,but from than on they put up a magnificent display of football scoring 3 beautiful goals and taking control of the game! Bravi ragazzi !!

Harrow League Week 6- 06-11-2016

BPR Tigers  11A -  Harrow United 11A= 3-0

Goals: 2 George H, Dillon D.

 A good match from our boys against a solid physical team, scoring 2 great quality goals, one from a beautiful pass the other from a well converted Free-Kick, also creating a good number of chances, at times some nice defending as a team! Well done parents and kids!

Harrow League Week 5- 30-10-2016

Match :  London Athletic 11 A-  BPR Tigers 11A= 0-4

AWAY: Goals: George H x 2, Kai M, Dillon D. 

A very nice performance buy our kids against a good solid team, having a couple of kids back helped a lot, although we had to still put 2 very good players as GK, match played in a good spirit.
Well done parents and kids!

Harrow League Week 4- 23-10-2016

Match: BPR Tigers 11A- Ickenham Y 11A= 0-4

HOME: Today we could not compensate for having all the forwards not available, nonetheless the kids played well against a very physical team , unfortunately conceding 2 soft goals at the end of the first 30m, we had our chances but we did not put them away and Ickenham punished us with 2 great headers from excellent corners, overall the opposition was a more complete team today and deserve to win. 

Harrow League Week 3- 16-10-2016

Match: Langley Hornets 11A - BPR Tigers 11A= 0-9

AWAY: Goals: 3 Kai M, 2 George H, 2 Jake W,Reece J, Ruben M. A superb performance by the entire team against one of the best teams around, solid in all departments with some great passing and movements, truly fantastic !
Congratulations kids and parents, a day to remember!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Harrow League Week 1 02-10-16

BPR U11A - 3 v 1 - TFA United11 A

Result AWAY: Reece J,Dillon D,George H) A great performance by the kids, with some superb passing, very unlucky not to score many more goals, due also to brave defending but the opposition GK and defenders!. Well done Boys and Parents!

Friendlies BPR U11's Tigers - September 2016

A new era for the Tigers  in their football development ,9 a side game!

The new format presents  difficult challenges ,and it will take time to adjust and find the right kind of players to enhance the squad capabilities.

We have been looking for a good Goalkeeper ,but so far we have not found one,  if anyone reading this blog  knows one or have a son that would like to try, email or text the Head Coach :
Pasquale 07770891973

We played 3 friendlies in September with some beginners players to fill the squad:

11th Sep  Bhalzam Blazers - BPR Tigers= 0-4 (Ruben M, George H,Bradley M,Jake W)
18th Sep BPR Tigers-Ickenham Y =1-4( Reece J)
25th Sep BPR Tigers- Explorer =8-3( 3 Reece J, George H,Alex A,Jake W,Kai M, Ruben M)